Monday, November 24, 2008

Dawson wants to know what "survey says"

SC GOP party chairman Katon Dawson has officially thrown his hat into the ring to be the RNC Chairman.

I first posted about Katon turning up the heat on this back on November 7.

What's his chances? Dunno. I hope he gets it, because I think he will be terrible for the future of the GOP. Let's face it, the Republican Party needs to grow. Electing a Chairman from good old South Cackilacky ain't going to grow it much.

Both Michigan and Florida's party chairs are supposedly interested. I know knothing about either of them, but they each have seem to be in better positions to appeal to the idea of moving the party forward than a chair from SC. As Reino commented on my other post, Dawson is big on the social issues side, which will not appeal to growth.

The head of the American Family Association has said Katon is the man. But this is a guy who thinks Republicans have to "get back to their roots" (ie. pro-life crap) and Dawson is the man for that. Whatever, keep thinking that pastor while the rest of the country worries about real problems. It sure as hell ain't gonna help that Katon only recently left a club that the new President could not even join.

Of course, I'm sure former MD Lt. Gov Michael Steele is going to try to somehow ride Obama's coattails into the position. As I posted before the election, Steele is a true sell out. If the GOP makes him their Chair, he will pale in comparison to Obama.

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