Friday, November 7, 2008

Is Ed Robinson jumping ship to the GOP?

Did anyone else see the article in the FloMo that had reactions from Florence residents on Obama's win? They had several local politicians quoted and one was none other than our own City Councilman Ed Robinson.

So I have searched SCNow's site and can't find the article online, but I have the hard copy somewhere at my office. Basically, Ed said that it showed the Republican party was out of touch and they needed to bring minorities into their party.

So I read Ed's remarks and immediately thought he was putting out feelers. Now...that's a joke, but maybe it should not be. Robinson obviously has learned the past several months how little of a "leader" he is in the city of Florence. He backed Frank Willis and could not deliver the black vote. Then, probably because of that failure, his good buddies on City Council pushed through a 2nd reading on nonpartisan elections over his objection. And to add insult to injury, they refused to throw Ed a bone and lower the retirement benefits years of service requirement (so Ed could go ahead and have benes when he's booted out of office next election).

I mean, lets face it, the black community ignored Robinson's bogus attempts to paint Stephen Wukela as a racist and they let Ed know what they thought of him by voting overwhelmingly for Wukela. Further, the community has ignored his complaints about his "unfair persecution," because they know they are bogus as well. So maybe Ed is really trying to jump ship.

Hey...maybe that's why I recently saw a picture of Ed and his wife attending the Florence County Republican Breakfast thing for Senator Graham. And they're framed perfectly in front of a Nancy Harrelson sign. Maybe I should send Ed a print so he can use it on his Christmas cards. I bet Congressman Clyburn would enjoy that.


Mike Reino said...

PLuv, don't try dumping your problems on the GOP, we have our own problems. You can keep Ed Robinson !!

pluvlaw said...

Come on, Reino. This could lead to your band opening up Juneteenth for Little Royal!

Mike Reino said...

I'll pass on that controversy!