Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who am I?

Reino has a post trying to figure out who Pluvlaw exactly is. Of course, it's no big secret. I certainly think most people who look at this blog know who I am, mainly because I shamelessly link to a lot of my posts through Facebook. The only reason I don't straight-out put my name on it, is because let's face it, I can be a smart-ass and have on occasion pissed people off. No need in making it easy for the offended to target their anger, especially when they could easily wind up in the jury pool.

But in the good-natured spirit in which the guantlet was thrown down, I offer this home video of one of my first job interviews out of law school.

1 comment:

Mike Reino said...

Do You Like Apples, PLuv?

Hey, I'm a lazy Republican. I don't do all the footwork - I enlist all my lackeys to do the work for me. See how well it's worked already, Pete? Fred? Joe? Bob? Am I getting close?

Seriously, the anon status is a good idea. I go once a week with some stanger asking me if I'm 'The Blog Guy.'