Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't be a dork. Vote.

Long lines, rain, unsanitary line-mates...none are good enough reasons for you to not man-up and cast your ballot.

And don't give me that "I'm not even gonna vote Obama or McCain." Man-up!
Obama and McCain have very different stated immediate goals in the two wars we are fighting. For that reason alone, you owe it to our men and women serving to decide which one you think is in their best interests and pick one of these guy factoring that in.

It's how our system works. If the citizens don't voice what they think is best for their fellow countrymen, citizen-control over the military does not work.

As for me, I'll be stuck over at Florence 3 poll watching all day. That means this will most likely be my only post of the day, because when I finally get out of there, it's straight Miller-time.

Good luck. God bless America.

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