Friday, November 14, 2008

It's a dog with fleas.

Reino has a post up about the possible bailout for Detroit and it brought to mind the above video. Listen, folks, this is what happens when you live your life by the Gekkoian philosophy: good. isn't.

Listen, greed is what made the heads of GM, Ford and Chrysler run their companies into the ground. It's what caused them to throw all their eggs into the behemoth SUV basket, when everyone pretty much knows we've passed Peak Oil. It's what has them lining up to the trough now, begging for money to save their companies, when they know, their companies are terminal. They can't be saved. The money will just prolong the inevitable.

But if we don't give them the money and they go under, all these people will lose jobs. Okay, I understand. But I sure as hell don't want to keep GM afloat so folks can work, meanwhile their CEO gets to pocket millions of "our" money. If we're worried about these folks working and we're willing to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on it, let's start some projects. Redoing our countries infrastructure would be nice. I bet everyone would appreciate us modernizing our electrical grid and water distribution. Hey...we could even upgrade their security, you know, keep them safe from those pesky terrorists. That would be swell. How about checking out all those bridges. I don't know about you, but when I cross the river over into Marion, it's a little discomforting to see a small tree growing out of the concrete. It's almost enough to keep one from the Bobo Spa. But seriously...there are any number of better ways we could spend money and employ people. Specifically, ways in which WE receive the benefits instead of a private companies stockholders.

Look, there is a reason Marx said give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves. You don't believe him? Check it...we, the United States Government, now owns the worlds biggest insurance company. And that happened largely under a Republican-controlled congress and a Republican president.

But to my Dems, I have this to say: It's time for some tough love. Take the hit. Let 'em die. Tell these fools that free market means just that. If you want to be Adam Smith, you can't privatize profits and socialize losses. Bitch slap them with your invisible hand, President Obama. And when you do, explain your gonna take whatever they wanted to bail out their stinking, bloated tails and you're gonna use that money to rebuild this country.

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