Friday, November 21, 2008

Dana Perino: Idiot

Ah...the lovely Dana Perino. Resident hottie of the White House, chief doofus of the press room.

Yes, this is the very White House Press Secretary who did not know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was. Moreover, she admitted to asking her husband if it was the same thing as the Bay of Pigs. The lady who once touted the "benefits" of global warming: not as many people will die from the cold.

What's her latest whopper? How about her statement recently about the Endangered Species Act: "...I know that the Endangered Species Act is a tangled web that doesn’t actually help support any species, including our own."

Uh, Dana? The grey wolf, the grizzly bear and the American Bald Eagle would like a word with you. Seems they think pretty highly of the act.

What was Dana responding to? Oh, just the fact that her boss wants to eliminate the input of federal wildlife scientists in some endangered species cases, [by allowing] the federal agency in charge of building, authorizing or funding a project to determine for itself whether a project would be likely to harm endangered wildlife and plants.

According to National Wildlife Federation spokesman John Kostyack, "These changes take unbiased, professional wildlife biologists out of the equation and put decisions in the hands of political appointees."

I mean...what could go wrong there? Listen, self-regulation worked pretty well for Wall Street didn't it? Uh-oh...bad example.

This bullsh*t rule change is just one of the many things W and his cronies are trying to sneak through at the buzzer, a little political payoff for their patrons. Come on,'re smarter than that. Ok, maybe not.

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Mike Reino said...

Hey P-Luv, just press the MUTE button on the remote, and you'll like Dana Purr-ino much better!!