Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweathog brings it home

The Sportsguy has a great running diary of the match race between Robert Conrad and Gabe Kaplan on the 1976 debut of Battle of the Network Stars. Talk about bloated self-importance. The only thing Simmons misses, how can he not point out Kaplan getting a peck on the cheek from Wonder Woman when ABC "wins" after the penalty?


Mike Reino said...

Talk about about memories from childhood! Loved Battle of the Network Stars, they ought to bring it back. The Kaplan/Conrad race was definitely playground chatter back in 3rd grade. I dare you to knock this baton off my shoulder !!

Now you just need to find Laffalympics clips.. Scoobie Doobies Rock!!!

pluvlaw said...

As Simmons wrote, no way you could pull it today. Today's stars ain't showing up for that chump change. Back then, who couldn't use an extra $10k? Now...that's what Brittney spends on cafe lattes and red bulls in a week.