Monday, November 17, 2008

Florence, your new mayor

Angela E. Kershner/MORNING NEWS

Stephen J. Wukela was sworn in as Florence's 23rd (I think) mayor tonight. Judge Anderson described Wukela by saying “I encapsulate his career to this point as a stalwart warrior for progress in the city of Florence,” Anderson said.

The 2nd picture was one I took. Not great quality, but all of us in the jury box were loving Stephen J's little stance there.

Octavia Williams-Blake and Steve Powers were also sworn in as Florence's two new City-council members. Current city council members Brand, Bradham and Williams were in attendance. BTPC assumes City Councilman Robinson was too busy at home "praying" about Wukela's arrival.

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Mike Reino said...

Ed staying home is a good thing. He gets in less trouble that way...