Sunday, November 2, 2008


In what has to be their least surprising endorsement yet, the Florence Morning News thinks Rocky Pearce should be elected mayor of Florence.

It should come as no surprise that the paper, which is beholden to the powers that be, does not endorse Wukela, who is running against the establishment. I guess it does "wear a little thin" for the folks over FMN when Wukela keeps questioning the job all their buddies are doing.

Since its no surprise, I'll refrain from discussing how ridiculous it is to talk up the johnny-come-lately's leadership skills and ask what Pearce was doing with those skills before June 10th, if he really saw all the need for change. There's no need to, because everyone knows that's all bullshit. This is all an exercise in survival for those who have run this town for so long. Whatever. All those guys are not getting any younger. It's like fighting the tide, sooner or later they will all be either out or gone.

But I do take issue with the endorsement itself. The courts did not declare Wukela the winner of the primary, the voters did. The courts simply upheld the results, as they should have. And what votes were not counted? There was not a single vote cast that was not counted in that race. Come on Harry and Co, get your facts straight. That is almost as lame as sending out a mailer on Friday quoting your opponent, while misspelling his name.

Show some leadership, Rocky. Get someone on spellcheck.

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Mike Reino said...

I'll take care of it for them .... 'ph'. There you go! I noticed that on my mailer as well.