Friday, February 27, 2009

CA Mayor out after sending ridiculously racist email

Meet Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose. Or should I say "former mayor." See, Dean, sent the watermelon pic you see in an email titled: "No Easter egg hunt this year."

This Einstein sent the email to a list of recipients which included a local black businessperson. Needless to say, that recipient did not find it funny that the Mayor of their city was sending out such an email.

So the email is just plain stupid. But here is the real kicker: when he "apologized" for the incident, Grose said he "wasn't aware of the racial stereotype that blacks like watermelon."

This dipshit has announced he is stepping down as Mayor, but not from city council. It's one thing to be a stupid, racist. That should not disqualify you from public office. But blatantly lying to the public should. Does he really think anyone buys he wasn't aware of the black-watermelon racial stereotype? If he wasn't, what was the reason to send the damn email in the first place?

What. A. Tool.

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