Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Live blogging the President's address to Congress

Started a little late. I did watch the entrance and lets just say I think Sen. Bunning is probably excited Ruth Bader Ginsburg looks good.

Here goes:

9:24 = the line about the 57 cops in Minnesota was really good. Still on the street thanks to the plan.

9:25 = "I know there are some who are skeptical" cut to McCain. And can I say he looks as comfortable as the old man
who used to run the amusement park and used to have his plans thwarted by those pesky kids.

9:26 = "Nobody messes with Joe. Am I right?"

9:29 = Uh...oh. Some Republicans messed up and stood about the plan for credit loans. Must be because they heard the word small business.

9:33 = Not about helping banks, it's about helping people.

9:37 = Gov't creates??? Guess the Prez didn't get the GOP memo that Government has never created a single job.

9:39 = Clean, renewable energy. We've fallen behind. Time for us to lead on this issue. Attention Santee Cooper Coal plant proponents...

9:40 = I think Pelosi is falling asleep.

9:40 = Market based cap on carbon emissions. I said, "ARE YOU LISTENING SANTEE COOPER COAL PLANT PROPONENTS?"

9:42 = This is America. We don't do what's easy, we do what's necessary. Healthcare. A bankruptcy in America every 30 seconds. Wow. That's a killer stat.

9:45 = "Healthcare reform cannot wait, it must not wait and it will not wait another year." Seriously, this is an idea whos time has come. People need it. Families need it. Businesses need it. Local governments need it.

9:49 = On dropping out of HS, "it's not just quitting on yourself, it's quitting on your country." Thank you. It creates all kinds of problems society winds up paying for.

9:52 = Glad to see Republicans are now excitably concerned about deficits.

9:55 = Now I realize Pelosi wasn't sleeping, she was trying to unleash the spring up her butt. Man, she's hopping up now...

9:56 = Prez stares down the GOP side while discussing the tax increase on upper 2% and explains it won't raise your taxes if you make less than $250k.

9:57 = "For 7 years we've been a nation at war, no longer will we hide its price."

10:01 = Wow...everyone stood for the "US does not torture" line. What will Hannity and company think of all those pansy-asses...

10:04 = Leonard Abess...damn. He just made up all that money in book and movie deals. $69 million bonus given to his employees. If all CEOs were actually like that, maybe we could have completely unregulated markets. Unfortunately, all there are a lot more Gordon Gekkos than Abesses.

10:06 = Ty'sheoma Bethea...DILLON, SOUTH CACKILACKY IN DA HOUSE! Anyone want to think she writes that letter if Obama is not elected?

And...I'm spent. Quick break. I may post a follow-up on the spin. My initial take: Something worthy to be remembered.

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