Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rush say's "lay off my man."

Exclusive BTPC picture from Gov. Jindal's Republican Response to President Obama's address to Congress.
How about that Gov. Jindal, huh? He's lookin' good now, no? A full day after the President's address, it is looking more and more like Jindal's political career is now such a trainwreck that Tommy Lee Jones is rumored to be on his way down to Cajun-country to find Dr. Richard Kimble.
From his effeminate-around-the-corner walk, to his speech's complete lack of substance, to the fact that the Gov. of La bashed natural disaster research on volcanoes the night before we start getting reports of volcanic eruptions, to his telling stories about him and a Sheriff that never happened, etc, etc, you can take your pick as to which shot will turn about being the head shot.

Well, after hearing Jindal get blasted for being such a trainwreck, by many of his own side, Rush Limbaugh is mad as hell and he's not gonna take it anymore.
Rush went on a rant yesterday in an effort to protect his new love, Bobby J.

Rush begins by explaining how many complaints he has heard from people recently saying they are sick of style over substance. Then he goes of on some tangent explaining that Obama said nothing. That if you "knew" what he was saying, you walked out scared to death for your country. See, people are basically hoodwinked by Obama and left feeling good about their country because he sounded so good and smart. Rush then compares the feeling to the faith people have in God. Then Rush explains that when Obama prays, its to himself. "Those of us who know him, know this." What the hell does that mean?

Rush then tells conservatives they are in the wilderness and Jindal was there to lead them back. He then explains of BJ, "All he did was articulate what we believe." BJ was there to describe the opposite of Obama. He "told us what conservatism is." Uh...that's the problem Rushy, Jindal did not articulate anything of substance. What...government is not the answer? You seem to ignore the reality that YOU ARE government. You have been for the last eight years. And with the economy going in the crapper and, by your own stark ravings, terrorists are just awaitin' to blow us up any second, your answer is what? Less government? Really? So because you failed so miserably with your form of governance, the answer is that no one else should try? Who's got the messiah complex again?

"People on our side are really making a mistake if the go after Bobby Jindal on the basis of style." He doesn't want to hear from them ever again. Rush then explains that "syle is not gonna take our country back." What will in his opinion? "Solid, conservatism, articulated in a way that is inspiring and understanding is what's gonna take the country back." Uh...Rush, I think the problem everyone had with Jindal is that he neither inspiring, understandable or substantive. And by the way, when you discuss the need for that solid conservatism to be "articulated in a way that is inspiring and understanding," you ARE talking about style, dipshit.

Me thinks one of many problems with Rush is he found Jindal inspiring in that speech. Why, because Jindal is a self-professed "ditto-head" and seeing the guy in the national spotlight "inspires" Limbaugh's massive ego. After explaining that he's spoken with BJ many times and "he's brilliant," the "real deal," and only "37 years old," Rush assures us he's not trying to defend BJ. Really?
If Republicans let Rush Limbaugh pick the course they will plot over the next four years, it's gonna be an easy ride for Democrats.

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