Saturday, February 28, 2009

A tricky side to dealing with the top-shelf crowd...

Sullivan and one of his readers make an interesting point: It is true that President Obama and the Democrats are going to take more of your money if you are well off, hence the fact that the Republican party targets those folks as their core constituency.

However, the GOP forgets one thing about folks with money: that money gets them used to nice shit. You of the line, the best stuff. They spend loads of money to be more efficient, be it the gizmos to stay constantly connected or private jets to zip back-and-forth at a whim. More importantly, these folks are used to paying a premium for better things. I mean, how do you know its better? Because it costs more.

The problem this is now creating for the GOP is that these folks, being used to the above, are increasingly seeing that the Republican party, its' ideas and its' leaders are second-rate at best. As Sullivan and his readers seem to agree, if the option is paying more in taxes or being governed by these clowns, where do we send the check?

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