Friday, February 20, 2009

Chess versus checkers

I said it as it was going down. I said it once it passed. And now that the most recent polls are out, I will continue to say it...Obama is playing chess to the Republicans' checkers.

The obituaries for the Obama administration were ridiculous. As a practical matter, no matter how much the punditry wanted to say it was so, he comes out of the Stimulus Bill golden. While Hardball, Limbaugh, Hannity and Morning Joe want to talk about what a failure it was because he only got a few Republicans to support it, the electorate saw a President try to sit down with the opposing party and work something out. When they balked, he passed it anyway.

As Drum points out, it was all about "optics," and Obama won. Benen has a run down of the latest poll numbers. The AP shows 62% believing Obama is doing enough to reach out to Republicans while only 27% believe the Republicans are trying hard enough. Congressional Dems are leading Republicans 49% to 33% in approval ratings. FoxNews' latest poll is similar.

If the Republicans don't reevaluate their strategy, they had better get familiar with the wilderness.

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Cheesefrog said...

So you're giving Obama props for giving the illusion that he's doing something that he's not really doing? That sounds a lot like dishonesty to me. I mean, I know the majority of Americans are REALLY gullible and well, just plain dumb. But Obama could fart right now and people would be comparing it to Louis Armstrong's best work. Fooling Americans is like shooting fish in a barrel for him. And not little minnows that might be hard to tag but really big fish who can't swim around very well.

You know what I wonder? Who are all these people who end up in polls anyway? I'm almost 50 years old and I've never once been asked a poll question. And I don't know anyone who ever has either. I want to be in a poll, dammit!