Monday, February 2, 2009

Dick Armey is an ignorant douchebag

How big of a sexist prick is Dick Armey. Check out the video. Could he be anymore dismissive and sexist? As Howard Kurtz noted, Armey's remarks were just one step above "Joan, you ignorant slut."

The funniest part, is Dick Armey accusing someone of being a "paid political hack." Pot meet Kettle. To my Republican friends out there, this is what I'm talking about. Michael Steele should be out there slapping Dick Armey around and making him grovel to the press for redemption or publicly cut his nuts off by saying he can either change his attitude or he can leave the tent. Where is he?


Cheesefrog said...

I think he borrowed that line from a comic book. But while I think it was demeaning I don't think it's sexist. I mean, I guess he could have said he was glad he didn't carpool with her and have to listen to it every day, but whatever. Not worthy of the gender card IMO.

I just laugh every time I see this guy's name though. He sounds like a really bad porn star or something.

This thing also reminds me of a great line from Spinal Tap, where the band is surprised to find that people consider their Smell The Glove record cover (girl on all fours with a dog collar forced to smell a glove) to be sexist. When it's explained to them, David St. Hubbins and Nigel Tufnel lament that "it's a fine line between clever and stupid."

I use that line a lot but very few people ever get the reference.

pluvlaw said...

The only reason to drop that line is to compare her to the stereotypical nagging wife. No way he uses it on a man, so I think it's pretty sexist. I mean, it's not as blantant as the would famous "Sugartits" Mel Gibson dropped on that female cop, but I think it's pretty overtly saying your a stupid woman, would you just shut up.

And the only "comics" Dick Armey has read is Bazooka Joe and the ones in Playboy and Hustler.

Ahhh...a Smell the Glove drop. Nice.