Sunday, February 8, 2009

What do Jake Long and George Rogers have in common?

They are the last two #1 overall NFL draft picks to make the Pro Bowl as rookies.

When Jason Peters, LT for the Tatonka Bills got hurt, Long replaced him becoming the first #1 since Rogers in 1981 to make it as a rookie. I have decided we might as well get used to calling the Bills something other than Buffalo and "tatonka" means Buffalo in Sioux (see Dances with Wolves) and sounds a little like Toronto, which is where the Bills are probably going. Consider it our methadone as we make the change.

BTW, Long and Rogers are two of only four all-time #1s to make it as rookies since the 1970 merger. Other Dolphins to make it as rookies: Daniel Constantine Marino, Jr. and Richmond Webb.

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