Sunday, February 8, 2009

Michael Phelps gets high. So what.

I pretty much purposefully ignored the Michael Phelps bong-pic story, because I don't find it news that a 23-yr old kid visiting friends on a college campus and attending a party smokes some weed.

I don't find it news that some prick got upset that his girlfriend and his "boys" were all over Phelps' jock, so he snapped a camera phone pic and then tried to get even with it, while also getting paid. The world is full of haters.

I don't find it news that some of his sponsors would back away from him, despite this the fact I would be willing to bet money that the kids of everyone of these companies CEOs' have toked up before and accomplished a whole hell of a lot less than Phelps has.

I do find it funny as hell how these "reprimands" have been handed down. USA swimming suspends him "without funding" for three months? How much of a joke is that? Got a lot of big meets he's gonna be missing out on over the next three months? And like the money means anything. What...he loses his meal stipend or something?

I love that Omega watches is not backing away. I mean hell...check out the pub they're getting in the pic.

I really love Kellogg's backing away from Phelps, saying his actions were not consistent with their image. Do what? To see how ridiculous that is, check out the video below. Ace Corrolla did a bit about it earlier in the week that was just as good, listing all of Kellogg's products. But the Aceman brought up a better point: with Phelps' legendary lung capacity, how good of a bong hit did he get? Did they have to stop half-way through and repack the bowl? Did he run everyone out of the room with the smoke?


Cheesefrog said...

This has to be one of the biggest overreactions I've ever seen. I've got to ask, since you're in SC, what in the hell is Leon Lott thinking by talking about potential prosecution? Is this just his way of getting Greta Van Susteren to notice him?

pluvlaw said...

Welcome to South Carolina. Lott is being an idiot. Let me be clear, there ain't no way you'r convicting anyone on this shit. Hell, SLED (our state police) has pretty strict testing procedures for cannabis and they could not be met in this case.

It's a PR joke.

I had to call Neal Lourie's office today on another matter. Lourie is a big Gamecock fan who reps all the SC atheletes (which is a pretty brisk business in and of itself). I asked if they had gotten a call from Phelps yet and the girl laughed, saying they were anxiously awaiting it.

You get the idea this thing took on a life of its own when someone asked Lott a simple question and he did not think about the consequences of his answer.