Monday, February 23, 2009

Two reminders why John McCain lost

Tonight while surfing some sights, I ran smack dab into two reasons John McCain got waxed in November and why I will infinitely be glad it twas so.

First, he's completely disingenuous. Take his latest attack against the stimulus bill; the completely false story Fox has been running about Harry Reid securing an $8 Billion earmark for high-speed rail between LA and Las Vegas. Now, some would say he's just lazy, relying too much on his fellow Republicans and Fox (sorry for the redundancy there) for his talking points. But he has been tripped up so many times the last 3 years by his peeps, that I'm not buying that it's accidental anymore. He and "his honor" just don't care if the crap he spews to the television-image-relaying-machine is accurate.

Second, check his recent attempt to embarrass President Obama. This exchange pretty much sums up that whole election. McCain tries to embarrass Obama, because he's petty and egotistical. Obama easily slaps him down, as if brushing the dirt off his shoulder, while using McCain's attack to his own advantage, winning the room with humor, but making a bigger point about who is really the jagoff in the room with the silver spoon up his ass. It's political jujitsu and you would think McCain would have learned his lesson by now.

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