Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And you want to be our latex salesman...

If anyone can watch this video and explain to us what the hell Sarah Palin is saying, we'd sure appreciate it.

Seriously...this woman was the Republican candidate for vice-president two years ago and is currently the "star" of the right in the country and even Bill O'Reilly visibly shows incredulity at how stupid her remark is (check his face when asking her if she doesn't think stopping the gusher has been his #1 priority).

But more to the point, watch how she has absolutely nothing to add to the discussion other than ridiculous accusations against the President. I thought she was for "less" government and cutting wasteful spending, yet she thinks we should be out there sinking money into every idea somebody has about how to plug the hole.

The Dutch...they've got the dikes...Seriously, this is what passes as thought for this woman. What a buffoon.

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Shane said...

has this idiot ever put together a single coherent sentence?

pluvlaw said...

The next one you see will be the first