Sunday, June 20, 2010

BP CEO Hayward to the haters: I'm on a boat bitch!

Our national nightmare is over. BP CEO Tony Hayward has finally managed to get his life back, since having his duties with the Gulf Oil Spill terminated by BP's Board. And exactly what is Tony's life? It's sitting on the Isle of Wright, watching his yacht, BOB, compete in the JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island race.

This news confirms two unassailable facts for us. The top two jobs in the world where performance has absolutely no effect on job security are as follows: 1) Being Tony Hayward's PR advisor. 2) Being the Chair of Tony Hayward's Yacht naming committee.

Hey, Tony, maybe someday, the oil will stop and you'll stop "f*cking Dolphins. Afterall, like Kevin Garnett...anything is possible!

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