Monday, June 7, 2010

Misty, water-colored memories...of the way we were...

Here we see Florence City Councilman Ed Robinson with "his" mayor, former mayor of Florence, Frank Willis. You may recall that Ed even made Frank an honorary black man, at one point publicly telling Willis that, "You have been the most progressive black mayor."

That sweet-nothing was whispered to Frank on his way out the door, almost two years ago, after Willis lost the Democratic primary to current mayor, Stephen Wukela. You may also recall that Ed came out full-bore in support of not just Frank Willis, but also write-in candidate Rocky Pearce, who surfaced to run after Wukela's surprise primary victory.

So what's with rehashing all this, 'Pine? Well...we just so happened to be coming back from Marlboro Country today and noticed one of Councilman Robinson's signs at the entrance to Spaulding Heights. In case you can't quite read that slogan, it's "Stay the Course."

That's right, Ed Robinson, who has spent the last several city council meetings railing about how "his people" (you know...the voters who ignore his endorsements) are getting the shaft and how his side of town has been neglected, thinks the best thing for the voters of his district to do is stay the course. It's akin to saying, "Man...can you believe how much we've got screwed over the last 20 years? I tell you what we ought to me. I was here for all that screwing. You re-elect me...that'll show 'em." In all candor, we suppose it is a consistent message. Hell...Ed thought re-electing the last two mayors was the answer to correcting the injustices of the past.

Yes...Ed Robinson is actually channeling George W. Bush to try to convince people to vote for him. Folks, here is how full of shit Robinson is. If he actually cared about how the people of East & North Florence have been getting hosed for the past decade, how come he supported his "most progressive black mayor" in Frank Willis? Didn't all that "nothing" happen under Frank's watch? And didn't Frank say, "I don't see that divide," when confronted during his race about the disparity between N/E and S/W Florence?

So Ed Robinson thinks the people of North/East Florence should stay the course. A course Ed has himself acknowledged has resulted in "lopsided" development that has "created two separate cites." Although in his infinite wisdom, Ed decided to actively campaign against the one mayorial candidate that argued this exact issue in Wukela. It was Wukela who said the disparity had to be addressed to move the city forward. Not only did Ed campaign against Wukela, but he called him racist and said Wukela's election would actually result in the very racial disparities Robinson now claims have been going on for too long, but for which voters should "stay the course" and cast their ballot for Ed. Hmmm...wonder why that was?

For those of you scoring at home, let the 'Pine break it down for you. The disparity of development should not have been held against the last two mayors: Frank Willis and Rocky Pearce. Nor should it be held against Ed, despite the fact he's been in that seat for 20 years. But...something has got to change. And the best way to change it, is to vote for Ed Robinson. Get rid of Ed Robinson...

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