Monday, June 14, 2010

When FOXes fight...

There's an old Pee Dee proverb that goes like this: When two foxes fight, put your money on the one that hasn't been in the hen house.

Ok...we made that up. But it was interesting to see the Las Vegas Fox affiliate trash their corporate daddy for the ridiculously retarded interview FOX & Friends conducted with Nevada Republican nominee and batshit crazy person Sharron Angle.

What went wrong? Well...for one, Team Moron referred to Angle as a political novice (which even she had to correct) and Steve "I'm a douche' Doocy said she had been endorsed by Sarah Palin (which she hadn't). Douchey followed that up with a question portraying Angle as being the victim of a plot to mischaracterize her stance on Social Security, which Angle agreed with, by someone championing the idea of a "lockbox" at the same time she pushed for "personalization" of Social Security. If you can't figure out how the hell that is possible, don't feel bad...neither can we.

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