Saturday, June 26, 2010

Reason #17 why Kevin Kolb will be taking 95% of the Eagles snaps

Michael Vick loves him some cake. In fact...he ain't about to be havin' nobody disrespect his cake neither. Not even fellow dog-fighting, federal-time-servin, childhood-friend-bein' co-defendants like Quanis Phillips.

Seems Quanis made the mistake of messin' with Vick's birthday cake. Or talkin' about messin' with Vick's birthday cake. Or maybe being a target to get hit in the face with Vick's birthday cake. Anyway you cut, Quanis was in trouble. See...messing with Vick's cake is like messin' with his emotions. He don't play that shit.

So Quanis had to get got. And he did. Don't make no never mind that the shit might get Vick thrown out the league. He don't care about the league. He just cares about his cake. So...a lesson to all you fools: don't be messin' with Mike Vick's cake. You heard?

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