Monday, June 21, 2010

Have SC Republicans been tossing their Alvin Greene rocks from a glass house?

National and local Republicans have taken great joy, and rightfully so, at the train wreck that was the SC Democratic US Senate race. However, two blogs came out with stories today showing it might not be such a good idea for stone throwers being so smug.

FITSNews had a post today reporting how GOP Superintendent of Education candidate Elizabeth Moffly should not have been on the primary ballot for failing to file her Statement of Economic Interest on time. Opps.

The Politics of Jamie Sanderson went further, reporting on a press release from SC Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler, which points out that at least 6 Republican candidates failed to file their Statements of Economic Interests in time and, as such, may not be eligible for the November ballot.

Among the affected Republicans are Lt. Governor candidate Bill Connor, Attorney General candidate Alan Wilson, and incumbent Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom. Republican State Superintendent of Education candidates Elizabeth Moffly and Mick Zais and Adjutant General candidate Bob Livingston also failed to comply with the law within the time allowed.


So...if you're keeping score at home, here's how it breaks down: SC Democrats do a crap job of recruiting and vetting candidates. SC Republicans do a crap job of complying with state ethics laws. Considering the fact that one of those two has controlled this state for the last 8 years and we're pretty much in the crapper, is it really that hard to see which failing is a bigger problem?


The Right Side of the Web said...

So there were no Democrats who failed to file a Financial disclosure? How about Alvin Greene, Brian Lamont Doyle, Susan Gaddy to name a few

pluvlaw said...

Really? That's your answer? Greene, Doyle and Gaddy. In what world are any of those three candidates actually supported, and not shunned, by their state party? Oh...and Republicans have to claim Gaddy this time. She ran in the GOP primary.

FWIW, I don't think it will keep a single one off the ballot in November. But I do find it amusing.