Monday, June 21, 2010

Unicorns exist! Spawn legal action and delicious food product.

Think Geek thought they were having a little harmless fun when they came up with their recent gag of canned Unicorn meat and billed it as "the new white meat." The National Pork Board didn't think so, sending a 12-page cease and desist letter telling them to stop infringing on their slogan.

From their press release in response, ThinkGeek has picked up the gauntlet:

"It was never our intention to cause a national crisis and misguide American citizens regarding the differences between the pig and the unicorn," said Scott Kauffman, President and CEO of Geeknet. "In fact, ThinkGeek's canned unicorn meat is sparkly, a bit red, and not approved by any government entity."

Well played, sirs. Well played indeed.

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Doug Stephens said...

They should have let the porkers sue them. The Geeks could claim fair use, parody, etc., and think of all the publicity!