Monday, June 14, 2010

Why you should ALWAYS keep you damn mouth shut...

The easiest question a criminal law will ever be asked by someone is, "Should I talk to the cops?" NO. Why? Because you NEVER, NEVER volunteer to talk to the cops unless you have an attorney and the attorney sets up the parameters around which you will speak with authorities. Parameters which will actually benefit you.

Now, occasionally we will have clients talk with police. But it's only after we know enough about their case to know whether or not such cooperation will benefit our clients, versus harm them, and after we have managed to secure a deal for such cooperation through a written agreement (generally called a "proffer").

Regardless of what the cops will tell you, no one ever "talks" their self out of getting arrested. They may "talk" themselves to a better deal for pleaing guilty, but if the po-po wants to arrest your ass, all your chatter is gonna do is give them the rope by which to hang your ass with later on.

As Justice Robert Jackson once said, "Any lawyer worth his salt will tell the suspect in no uncertain terms to make no statements to the police under any circumstances." And that was Justice Jackson, who had spent a great deal of his career on the prosecution side of the courtroom, not the least of which was as the Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials.

In fact, we can only think of one time in the history of the world that something good came from "going downtown to answer a few questions." And that lone exception is depicted in the picture to the right.

Anyway, enjoy the video below, most likely one of the best videos available on YouTube.

Hattip Rauch.

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