Monday, June 7, 2010

More McMaster endorsements on the way...

Having picked up endorsements over the last three days by former Governor David Beasley and former Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani it's easy to examine the type of endorsements Attorney General Henry McMaster has presented, study the endorsers' qualities and predict what endorsements we are likely to see in the next few hours.

Using complicated, scientific analysis, the BTPC is prepared to predict the following endorsements for Mr. McMaster within the next 8 hours:

-Lt. General Lord Cornwallis (British Army-ret)
-William Joseph Buckner (former Boston Red Sox first baseman)
-Capt. Edward Smith (RMS Titanic-ret)
-Cmdr. Max Pruss (Hidenburg-ret)
-George Walker (fmr. Ford VP of design for the Edsel)
-Kevin Costner (actor-Waterworld)
-Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer (US Army-ret)

These endorsements will no doubt weigh heavily in tomorrow's primary and the subsequent runoff.

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