Monday, June 7, 2010

A PSA from the BTPC: They're laughing at us, not with us...

A public service announcement to all voters: When you walk into the polls tomorrow, you have a choice. You can choose to vote in the Democratic OR Republican primary. Please entertain the following proposal: VOTE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY.

Just think the added two weeks will allow you the opportunity to see what other shoe will drop against the Republican candidates. Think of how clean you will feel, sitting at home on June 22 knowing you don't have to vote for any of these people. Currently, here are your 4 choices for Republican Gubernatorial candidate:

"Naughty...or not" Nikki Haley

Gresham "Who?" Barrett

Henry "I sayuh, sayuh, sayuh...I'm runnin' fur Guvnah" McMaster

Andre "Bad Boy" Bauer

This isn't even taking into account your choices in the GOP race for Lt. Governor, where one candidate has tried to compare his actions sentencing people as a judge to actual combat. Or your race for attorney general, where you get to choose between a guy who couldn't pass the bar his first time out versus a guy who's spent most of the race talking about airplanes. Or your candidates for Treasurer where the race has focused on, hand to God, 4WD and a towing packages.

All joking aside...even the most diehard Republican has to admit that this race is embarrassing. Hell...even North Carolina is laughing at us and those sorry sumbitches can't even field one decent BCS college football team. So how about this: on Tuesday, you put on your grown folks britches, march on down to your polling place, and vote for Vince Sheheen in the Democratic primary. That way, you not only avoid getting that stank on you from the Republican races, but you can actually go ahead and help push along the person who is actually going to be our next Governor, allowing him to focus on NOT making our state a joke.

Trust'll feel good. And clean. And for the next two weeks, you'll be able to sit back and watch the further carnage going on in your party content with the knowledge that you knew better than be a party to the spectacle.

Hattip SC6 for some of the pics.

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