Monday, June 14, 2010

Birds of a feather...

flock together. At least that's what the old adage says. Apparently that adage is alive and well in the city of Florence. Seems that one of City Councilman Ed Robinson's supporters, Raymond Johnson, is "flocking" to one of Councilman Robinson's favorite haunts: the Florence County Detention Center.

In case you don't know who Mr. Johnson is, we believe he's the fella that shows up for Robinson's press conferences dressed in a graduation robe and a priest's collar. Mr. Johnson is referred to as the founder of "Action 7," which has been described as a "consumer affairs organization."

Apparently, Mr. Johnson was picked up on a bench warrant issued by the Horry County Family Court on Friday evening. Here's to hoping Mr. Johnson is able to straighten all this out before June 22nd, so he can show up to support Councilman Robinson in his runoff and any subsequent press conferences that will be needed.

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