Monday, June 7, 2010

O'Reilly dispatches Dennis Miller to SC to sort out GOP race

Breaking News...the BTPC has just learned that Bill O'Reilly dispatched contributor-to-his-show, Dennis Miller to South Carolina to sort out the train wreck that has become the Republican Gubernatorial race.

Reports are that Miller has shot video for his "Miller Time" segment to air tonight on O'Reilly's show. During the video, Miller will seek to pick the one Republican candidate truly worthy of O'Reilly's endorsement. Unfortunately, we can neither confirm nor deny that Mrs. Haley was asked questions about loofahing.

However, we did manage to secure the picture below. Our sources indicate this picture was taken after Miller stumped the entire Republican field "by offering $50 to anyone who could produce some dignity and self-respect."

Apparently...State Senator Larry Grooms was mistakenly left on Miller's invite list. BTW, here's the actual video.

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