Tuesday, June 15, 2010

McMaster moves on to Plan B today: Prepare to Vulturize!

At 10 am this morning, Nikki "Boom Boom" Haley and Henry "Foghorn Leghorn" McMaster will have a joint press conference at McMaster's Columbia campaign HQ where Henry will apparently proclaim: "I sayuh...sayuh...sayuh...I support this little Indun firecrakah." Either that or he's gonna admit to loofaaing her ala Bill O'Reilly.

In all seriousness, we think this is step one on McMaster's Plan B, which is to position himself to run against US Senator Lindsey Graham in 2012. Think about it, what does endorsing Barrett get Henry? Nothing. Barrett does not appeal to any constituency that Henry can't himself. However, if Nikki wins, then Henry can call in that chit on down the road with a Tea Party favorite, someone that has managed to position herself as anti-establishment (although she's been in office for 3 terms).

What makes this rich in our book, is that typical of most politicians, Henry has spent the last year denouncing "Washington politicians" as "vultures," only to begin putting himself into position to become that which he denounced. Good luck with that Henry.

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