Monday, June 28, 2010

Coach Tanner Pwns! Clemson in Omaha

7:30 we come. Make sure you tune in and root the Gamecocks on in their quest to capture Ray Tanner his first National Championship.

We like this team's chances better than the '02 team. In '02, we were a little more dependent on the long-ball. This team is scrappier and can manufacture runs. They'll need to. UCLA has three studs they can trot out to the mound in this best of 3 series, anyone of which could be on and shut down a team all by their selves.

In the meantime, let's have once last bit of enjoyment at the expense of our upstate rivals. Yes...Ray have PWNED! Clemson in Omaha. Perhaps you should takeover the football team. Hell...perhaps you should, as our friends at The Big Picture tweeted this weekend, run for governor.

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