Saturday, June 5, 2010

Connecticut Senate Race Correspondence

The BTPC managed to gain access to some personal correspondence between the two likely candidates for Chris Dodd's soon to be vacated Senate seat in Connecticut. Enjoy...

Dear Linda,

Thank you for your retarded statement about steroid abuse. Personally, I thought my ass was smoked after the whole lying about my Vietnam service record. But here you come with this nonsense to help bail me out. I can only hope it works. Don't worry, I promise not to bring up the whole Chris Benoit tragedy until November. Until then, keep up the good work.

With kind regards, I am,

"Saigon" Richard Blumenthal

It's almost like Linda's daddy is scripting this race, no? Personally, we're betting a sawbuck that Dodd comes crashing into the race on November 2nd, knocking both out with a chair and claiming the only thing he's retiring is their asses. SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!

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