Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Denzel halfway to the mythical EGOT award

Hollywood superstar Denzel Washington has almost done it all. The man is a pure actor, which means he doesn't care about awards. Despite that, he's got 3 Golden Globes, 2 Oscars and most importantly has been immortalized for all of time in a Salt -n - Pepa song ("body like Arnold with a Denzel face"). What more could you ask for?

Well...there is one award out there that would top it all. The mythical EGOT award. What's an EGOT? Why it's the legendary status you achieve for winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. Perhaps more incredible is who dreamed up the EGOT: Phillip Michael Thomas! That's right, Tubbs from Miami Vice, invented an award he will never achieve.

Apparently, Denzel took one step closer to securing the EGOT Sunday evening when he won a Tony award for his role in Fences. We say "apparently," because come on...who watches the Tonys?

Anyway, now that Denzel has the Oscar and the Tony, the other two are pieces of cake. He can snag his Grammy by doing an audio book. All he's got to do is get Oprah to make whatever that book is one of her bookclub books and he's golden. You telling us Oprah ain't gonna do whatever Denzel wants? Please. That just leaves an Emmy. Easy. Denzel goes on Mad Men for a 4 episode arc as a streetwise Harlem pitchman who the new agency brings in to woo the black demographic, where he and Joan fall in love. Unfortunately, not everyone's sensibilities are liberal enough to take their mixed race status (especially Roger Sterling), leading to a tearful goodbye scene between Joan and Denzel. Emmy, done.

Between winning an EGOT, being in a Salt-n-Pepa song and scoring 3 straight baskets against Ray Allen, we'd say Washington's career will never be rivaled.

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