Friday, June 4, 2010

Show us your MTVs

So we just found out MTV's The Real World is headed back to the Big Easy for The Real World New Orleans: 2010. Personally, we wish MTV would not return to cities, rather they should keep going to new ones. We may even go back to watching the now parody-of-itself show if it were RW-Detroit, RW-Baltimore, RW-Eugene, OR or the like.

But the fact that the show is returning to the home of beads and breasts reminds us that the original NO show was one of our favorites. It gave us the incredibly annoying Mormon Julie Stoffer. The hot Kelly Limp, who we were secretly in love with until she married Bailey from Party of Five. You had sassy Flip Melissa. Also, Gay Danny who dated Paul, who was in the army and therefore had to have his face blurred out because of DADT.

But most importantly, The Real World New Orleans gave us David Broom. One of the great musical talents of reality television history. Check it...

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