Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You just can't fake crazy like this...

What's inside this box? It's not 40-lbs of rape. According to batshit crazy Republican candidate for Senate in Nevada Sharron Angle, that box is simply filled with 40-lbs of God's plan.


Seriously...when's Michelle Bachman gonna come out and smack this insane lady down? "Listen, Angle...there's only room for one retarded female Republican congresswoman on television and dammit, that's me!"

We can't wait to try out this defense in court. "Judge...Mr. X never intended to rape Mrs. Y. Unfortunately...God had other plans..."


Julio said...

"40-year old box of God's Plan." That's fucking hilarious, man. The way you boiled-down Sharon's position on abortion in cases of rape so succinctly, and with such a hilarious and original way, is impressive. Check out my blog @ and let me know if you want to trade guest posts sometime?

Julio said...